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“Now that Lisbon and Jane have confessed their love for one another, they must find a way to be partners in both their professional and personal lives.” --CBS

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Patrick Janes’s feelings for Loralei Martins

I can’t believe I can’t find a youtube clip of Loralei rising nude out of the ocean while Jane watches after she and Jane spend a night on the beach, spooning asleep. But the recent interview with Simon Baker about that scene in “Red Sails in the Sunset,” an episode Simon directed, got me thinking.

In the interview, Simon says his aim in the scene was to show Loralei as just a woman enjoying a pleasant moment like any other woman, that whatever else she is, she is human. He specifically mentions how in Austraiia topless women on the beach are normal, nothing to react to. (Sorry, I don’t fully get that. I’m an American. And most men are hard-wired to like tits, period. They are not immune to them, even on the beach in Australia.) Whatever. He makes a point to say it in his discussion of this scene.

The interesting part to me is we see a lengthy, sensuous shot of Loralei with a lot of side boob, her trim waist and her flared hips rising above a dune in Jane’s foreground. Jane sees her and watches her rise. We think, oh, he wants her. More sex, the harpy :). But what does Jane do? He breaks into a yawn and looks away, stretching, almost bored.

Instead of really bringing home some preachy point about nudity at this point, I believe Simon is now showing us that Patrick Jane does NOT desire Loralei. He is indifferent to her, even nude and obviously sexually available to him. He did involve himself sexually with her; and she, at least, thought they “had fun,” so he probably enjoyed the actual act. But he is not seeking more and never seeks or allows sex with her again. He is after Red John. She is the stepping stone. He cooperates with her only enough to get closer to RJ. Petting her, like the goose that will lay the golden egg.

While many believe that he had feelings of love and/or attraction for Lorelei. I never did. I always believed his “feelings” consisted of mostly pity, some empathy for what RJ had done to her and her sister, and the normal residual warm feelings one has for someone they’ve had good sex with. Beyond that, he told the truth when he said that he never liked her.

I believe he was telling Lisbon the truth when he said that. Some feelings and he didn’t like her. Otherwise she was a utility. Maybe that makes Patrick Jane a cold bastard, I don’t know. But he was chasing a stone cold serial killer who slaughtered his family, and the stepping stone was a minion and mistress of that serial killer and a murderer in her own right. Acting other than a cold bastard in that situation is not dealing with reality. It’s not valuing your survival. And Patrick Jane would do his best to survive at least long enough to get his revenge.

So that’s what I was thinking, this quiet Wednesday night. Hope I didn’t bore you to tears!

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    Yep. Like he/and the french interviewer said. sometimes it’s funny to see that ‘american’ tv is so cautious about nudity...
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    I forwarded the question on to the writers. It would really be nice to have this clearly answered in canon. Maybe they...
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    You know, I love how this show can be interpreted in so many ways and still make sense. Your version makes sense, too...
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    I also knew that Jane is not in love with Lorelai. He Loves Lisbon and he said that he will do everything to get closer...
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    Very interesting. It also brings home the point that the producers of these shows don’t always intend to communicate...
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    In addition to that, my take is that how things turned out for Lorelei showed him that in order to catch a serial...
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  13. anagcorpas said: I love read your opinions :) Heller said that the love’s confession to Lisbon would be confirmed in Season 5 because Lisbon would be jealous because Jane would spend time close with Lorelei. And with his reactions we know he loves Lisbon.
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    Wow!! Never thought about that scene much. I agree with you.
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    The last kiss was the only kiss I saw him making an effort. Did she play him? Yeah may be but he did get an important...
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